A Brief Note On The Welfare Reform System

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TANF is a program needed in today’s economy. The rise of inflation and the cost of living makes it hard to survive. Programs like TANF allow its recipients to have a source of income to help with the cost of living. The cash aid recipients are mainly very poor families with children ranging from single mother households, to homes where the children are cared for by a non-parent relative (Falk et al., 2013). In 2011 alone, 3.4 million recipients of TANF cash assistance were children compared to 1.2 million recipients being adults (Falk et al., 2013).
Even though TANF is needed to help families meet or exceed government poverty lines, TANF needs new regulation in order to make sure the abuse of this program is not happening. More specifically drug testing is something all 50 states should require when individuals apply for cash aid benefits. The 1996 welfare reform law allows the states to decide whether or not they want to drug test individuals applying for TANF. Currently only 19 states have some form of drug testing requirements (Falk et al., 2013). Of these 19 states only Georgia and Florida require every applicant to undergo drug testing (Falk et al., 2013). The remaining 17 states only test if there is, “reasonable cause,” to believe the individual is using illegal drugs (Falk et al., 2013). Overall all individuals who are applying for benefits should be drug tested. If they are going to receive assistance from the government, which comes from taxpayer money, it is…

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