Drug Testing Pros And Cons

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Throughout history, there have always been people willing to work for what they want, and those who expect things to be handed to them as if it was a natural-born right. While the welfare system does positively impact some families in need, many people take advantage of it. With this being a well known fact, the government still continues to use ten percent of the federal budget on welfare (“Budget” 1). The United States federal government spent about $16.5 billion dollars each year to support the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) (“Policy” 2). This program, established in 1996, provides a block grant to the states, which use these funds to operate their own programs.
In order to receive federal funds, states must also spend …show more content…

Some argue that by requiring drug testing for all welfare recipients, the state would be unreasonably infringing on the rights of individuals.
While this may seem to some like it is an unrightfully needed search, the money being given to those is a privilege not a right. The drug tests would be done before the money is given to those receiving benefits. Those unwilling to comply with the mandates can face the consequence of not receiving welfare. The privilege of receiving government aid is one that should be able to be controlled by the government. If those receiving the benefits would like to argue about their rights being infringed upon, they can refuse the aid being offered to them as it is not a right …show more content…

With this being said, it is only fair that those who receive their income from the state (and ultimately from those with jobs) should also be subject to the same testing. Companies and independent testing agencies have been conducting these tests for years now, it does not seem too unjust to ask those receiving welfare to be added to these employed groups already being tested.
Studies have shown that states are spending large sums of money, and are finding very few drug test results that come back positive. This brings up a few other issues regarding the effectiveness of tests used, and whether drug users are able to cheat the system. Because of the complaints about the testing being unconstitutional, only those recipients who have “reasonable suspicion” may be tested. This initial test is given in the form of a survey. Those being surveyed can respond as honestly or dishonestly as they want. After the surveys are reviewed, those who have met certain requirement are asked to take a drug test. If they do not comply their benefits are not given. Those willing to take the drug test are notified of the date of their test a few weeks prior to the appointment. Many illegal drugs (amphetamines and barbiturates) are out of a human’s urine within 4 days (Larson 3). This allows people to work around the system. Because of this, random drug testing is the only way to

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