A Brief Note On The World Health Organization

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The Definition Of Disability

The World Health Organization ‘s (2011) report defined disability as being complex, dynamic and a multidimensional highly debated problem that is part of the human condition. With aging, a disability may become a part of elderly individual’s daily lives. The WHO (2011) report described impairments as an issue in body structure or function, limitation in activities as being restricted from getting involved in life situations due to the disability. About 15% of the world’s population will face disability at some point of their lives. The report highlighted barriers faced by individuals with disabilities when looking for health services, support and assistance, environmental accessibility, education and employment, besides indicating several barriers can be prevented. In addition, with multiple and systemic interventions, the barriers as well as the disadvantages in which disability are associated can be limited.
According to Mishra and Gupta (2006), individuals with disabilities remains the world’s largest minority group. Because public services and facilities were designed for the non-disabled population, individuals with disabilities encounter problems related to health, education and employment (Mishra and Gupta, 2006). In addition, individuals with disabilities tend to have a high experience of isolation, neglect, poverty, deprivation and segregation (Mishra and Gupta, 2006). Mishra and Gupta (2006) focused on education and work status to…
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