A Brief Review Of John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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I can tell that George and Lennie like to argue a whole lot, the reason that i can see they like arguing a lot is because in paragraph 34 it states "You can jus' as well go away, to hell," that makes me think that they don't get along to well. Both Lennie and George could have really good lives, but I think that if it was good that they stuck together, i also like how they have big dreams for they're futures. Even though they were probably going through a rough time because of the great depression, it would have been really hard for them to find a job. Some of the benefits that they could of have is that George already had things planned for him and Lennie, in the future, "a little house and a couple of acres, a cow, and some pigs. " I got that textual evidence from paragraph 9. …show more content…

So did Lennie except Lennie except Lennie seemed to be really happy to hear when George was planned to do in the future, but they both didn't argue with each other of everything for there plans for the future but they both argue with each other for everything for there plan for the future. Another benefit was that because George tells Lennie that whenever she gets in trouble she does before to go hide in the bush until he goes to get him, that makes me think that George just doesn't want Lennie to get caught with what ever she had is that one day that he could get in too an argument or just get mad at each other they would probably go their separate way, and another thing of all the things that they were talking about right now they wont end up happening like having a little house with all the stuff that they imagined having or and

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