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3 October 2013 A Confident Black Man Dudley Felker Randall born in Washington, D.C., January 14, 1914. The Randall’s moved to Detroit when Dudley was nine years old. Randall’s earliest recollection of composing a poem was when his mother took him to a band concert. Randall 's poetry is illustrated by simplicity and realism. Randall’s date of birth was January 14, 1914 in Washington D.C. He was the son of Arthur George Clyde a (Congressional Minister), and Ada Viola a teacher Randall. Randall’s family moved to Detroit from Washington D.C. in 1920, married Ruby Hudson in 1935, Mildred Pinckney in 1942, and Vivian Spencer in1957. Dudley known as the other Berry Gordy in Detroit received a Poet Laureate in 1981 by Mayor Coleman…show more content…
When times were difficult for black poets he provided a way for their poems to be published through the Broadside Press. Randall edited anthologies of black poetry, attended conferences, met and encouraged other black writers, contributed articles and poems to black journals, and organized poetry readings. Randall taught black literature at the university level and was poet-in-residence for a time at the University of Detroit. Dudley was influenced by the civil rights movement in 1963; the year that civil rights activism had grown. Two events helped set in motion the forces that convinced Randall to start the Broadside Press. The first was the bombing of the black Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama that resulted in the death of four black children. This tragic event motivated him to write “The Ballad of Birmingham.” The second event was the assai nation of President Kennedy “Dressed All in Pink “captures the tragedy of Kennedy’s untimely death and Mrs. Kennedy blood-stained dress turning from pink to dark red. Randall is a perfect example for all men and women that they need a will to make things happen. Dudley started the Broadside Press without money. He had twelve dollars taken from his paycheck each week to pay for the first Broadside. Twelve years he maintained and financed his work never accepting loans and
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