A Case Study From Grand Canyon University

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All individuals possess their set of values, principles, and integrities they have progressed over time, and they have all shaped their experiences and associations in life. The ensuing paper classifies and discusses various worldview models that individuals such as Aunt Maria, Doctor Wilson, Jessica, and Marco identify with and employ, which influences their moral recommendation and perception of the status of the fetus in "Fetal Abnormality," a case study from Grand Canyon University. In evaluating the case study, the essay explores and describes the most appropriate theories and their impact on resolution. Additionally, the paper offers the author 's recommendation on the issue.
Identification of Theories Used by Those Involved
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Jessica 's case is one of the mixed worldview of values on her unborn fetus where her moral compass is influenced by her materialism and spirituality akin to Marco. She follows both the theory that only sentient animals have moral status and the theory that all living organisms have moral status (Sebo, n.d.). According to Wilson (1994), “the fetus is entitled to some degree of moral respect, especially after it has developed for a few weeks”. For instance, Jessica is revealed as wavering between selecting what is erroneous and correct. She anticipates an improved socioeconomic life but similarly trusts that every life is consecrated.
Marco 's morals regarding the unborn fetus arise from the theory that only humans have moral status (Sebo, n.d.). In this case, due to severe prenatal deformities, the fetus will not possess human capabilities, which will make it less human and, therefore entitled to less moral respect (Wilson, 1994). Marco considers having an abortion owing to the monetary weight it will place on his family. It is, likewise clear, Marco’s concern about her wife. Many people tend to think that the grieve of the mother could usually be more difficult after the death of a born child than over the loss of fetus (Wilson, 1994). This make the author infer that Marco could be trying to evade her wife to go thru deeper suffering in the future.

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