A Case Study Of 27 Working Class Students Across The Uk Higher Education Institutions Essay

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This is a case study of 27 working class students across the UK higher education institutions looking at the different sociological understanding of student identification to determine their social and academic aspects ( Reay, D., Crozier, G. and Clayton, J. 2010). In 2010 the year which this paper was written statistics from the U.K Universities and College Admissions Services (UCAS) showed that the 24.72% of those accepted were from the four lowest socio-economic groups in 2005 and in the previous year it was 25.62% (Shepherd, 2007).
The aim of the whole paper was to find out if students from a working class background felt as if they were “fitting in” or if they felt as if they were “standing out” when it came to attending higher education studies (Reay, D., Crozier, G. and Clayton, J. (2010). They study was carried across four institutions of higher learning comprising of Southern elite university, Civic in the Midlands, s post-1922 in the North and a college of further education in the East of England. The selection for these universities was to get a cross –section of experiences by working class students (Reay, D., Crozier, G. and Clayton, J. (2010),
Literature Review
The weaknesses of this section lie in the researchers’ lack of relevant articles regarding U.K institutions. Most of the research work is based on studies carried out in the USA which their clarification of class may differ to that of the U.K. Also referenced is the study of non-traditional students
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