Directed By Edward James Olmos Released On March 18.2006 Depicts The Story If The 1968 East La Walkouts

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1. The film Walkout directed by Edward James Olmos released on March 18.2006 depicts the story if the 1968 East LA walkouts. Paula Crisostomo is a student in an East LA high school who is tired of the discrimination Chicano students face in their schools. She is tired of the bathrooms being locked during their break time, as well as students being punished for speaking Spanish during class, and being forced to take a spanking or do janitorial work as punishment. Paula has the opportunity to attend a retreat with a group of Chicano students, in which she joins a group of student activists. Later on, Paula distributes surveys to the school in order to organize a set of demands for the board. When the board does not comply all the schools in the area band together to walkout of schools at the same time. However, once this occurred the second time the police become violent, but the media manipulated the situation and did not include all the harm committed against the students. In order to fight this, for the third walkout students invited their family and friends to join, which finally gave them the meeting they wanted with the board. However, thirteen of the student leaders including their teacher Sal were arrested for conspiracy, but the East LA community is able to come together again and has all of them released from prison.
2. In this documentary students are depicted as not having a chance to move onto higher education because of their background. Faculty and staff in

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