A Cloud Environment For Backup And Data Storage

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A CLOUD ENVIRONMENT FOR BACKUP AND DATA STORAGE Venkatesh Jangili Project Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Masters of Science Fall 2014 Under the guidance of Dr. Mais Nijim Texas A&M University-Kingsville, EECS Dept. MSC 192, Kingsville, Texas, U.S.A 78363 ABSTRACT Currently determined from advances and mechanical advancements can have Input-Output gadgets ever better ready to store more data. The utilization of the plates of the hubs of a group as worldwide capacity framework is a cheap answer for a cloud the earth. The requirement for the accessible of data from anyplace is …show more content…

Essential words - Cloud, Storage, reinforcement, File System, Cluster, Pvfs2. Keywords - Cloud, Storage, backup, File System, Cluster, PVFS2. I. INTRODUCTION These days because of the development of advances, we have diverse administrations and applications that permit clients to perform errands that enhance gainfulness in their day by day exercises. Nonetheless, the need to get to at whatever time and/ or from a remote site has developed from a hypothetical proposal an authentic need. This has offered ascent to look for choices to tackle this issue. cloud registering can be characterized as that administration (programming, stage or framework) placed on the Internet and is gotten to from a cell phone or desktop machine, giving clients a wide mixed bag of uses One of the choices is known by the term distributed computing; (databases, center office programming, stockpiling, and so forth). The latest and acknowledged institutionalized meaning of Distributed computing is the one by the National Institute of Norms and Technology (NIST). "Distributed computing is a model for empowering universal, advantageous, on interest system access to an imparted pool of configurable figuring assets (e.g., systems, servers, stockpiling, applications, and administrations) that can be quickly provisioned discharged with insignificant administration exertion or administration supplier communication. This cloud model pushes accessibility and is made out of five vital

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