A Commercial Pilot : A American Fraternity 's Party On Campus

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Jill and Mary are 18 years old and recently began their first semester at college. They both have their private pilot’s license and are aviation students at their university. Since being a commercial pilot is a vital and serious occupation, any legal troubles could potentially ruin an aspiring pilot’s careers. Knowing this, one weekend Jill and Mary decided they wanted to go to a popular fraternity’s party on campus. Prior to going over to the house, the two girls a drank a substantial amount alcohol and become highly intoxicated and Jill brought more alcohol to the fraternity to drink later. The girls arrived at the house about 9:30pm and Jill began drinking again while Mary decided to stop drinking. At approximately 11:15pm, Jill became …show more content…

The highest end, happiness, would be securing Jill’s health by ensuring that she treated properly by medical professionals. Mary truly believes that she is trying to be the best individual and friend she can be. She is striving towards personal perfection and doing what she believes would benefit her friend the most. If Mary does not call the ambulance, she may feel responsible for Jill’s health if she became severely ill or experienced death. Immanuel Kant’s “The Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals” deems that humanity follows an abstract principle, such as a universal rule in making significant decisions. Kant addresses that every human is opt to follow their good will, with their good being good in itself. Since an individual’s good will is always good, actions are judged by the intentions of the person, so every action, with good intentions, is doing the moral thing in accordance with the moral law, what Kant calls duty, despite the consequences and pleasures from it. Kant expands upon this by clarifying the categorical imperative. The categorical imperative represents “an action as necessary of itself without reference to another end” (Kant 60). This creates an objective test for what is right and wrong because humans are to “act only on that maxim whereby though canst at the same will time will that is should become a universal law” (Kant 60) in which the

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