A Common Misconception That Cohabitation Before Marriage Essay

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There is a common misconception that cohabitation before marriage is the best test to see if couples are compatible enough to get married later on. Unmarried cohabiting couples have been increasing over the last few decades. Decisions that 20-29 year old people make now can affect their relationships in the future. Most couples assume that they are taking the right steps toward marriage when moving in with their partner, however, there are studies that show greater success in marriages for couples who have not cohabited beforehand. Using several different academic studies showed some significant findings. Couples who live together before getting engaged and/or married are more likely to get divorced than those who do not move in together until engagement or marriage, and that couples who live together before engagement report lower satisfaction in their marriages. Understanding why it is that a phenomenon that has become so common, and why such results are happening will be discussed.
Key Words: cohabitation, divorce, marriage, relationships
Do you want your first marriage to be your last? Do you want it to be successful? The primary reason couples are in favor of premarital cohabitation is that it enables the couple to get to know each other better to determine whether they get along well enough to commence in marriage in the future. Yet, there are many studies where research has found that premarital cohabitation is like with increased risk of divorce, a lower quality of

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