A Common Problem Faced By Immigrants Essay

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Recent happenings around the world have brought the subject of migration to the forefront of everyday conversation. However, the “migration phenomenon” is not a new one but can be traced as far back as human history itself. In some way, migration can be seen as an innate part of animal behavior and the human experience. Historically, several push and pull factors have forced several groups to move across the globe in the hopes of improving their situations. However, the circumstances surrounding one’s migration to a new place differs for each individual. Apart from the political and economic strife of migration to a different country, immigrants and refugees are left with the added struggle of maintaining their social identity, culture, and kinship when acclimating to a new environment.
In order to properly explain this topic, I draw on the information from several articles, lectures, films, and interviews I have conducted with close family and friends.
A common problem faced by immigrants is social identity. Social identity refers to the need to identify as a member of a group and not merely as an individual. Man is a social being and being able to identify with a group helps in giving a sense of belonging, developing self-esteem and a sense of pride. Social identity and sense of self are therefore important to an individual’s well-being. As a member of a group, every individual performs the role(s) and expectations of that group. However, intersectional identities exist

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