A Comparison Between The Flower Of Love And Jasmines Poems Essay

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Born on 15 September 1889 in Jamaica to peasant farmers, Claude McKay was educated by his brother, older in age, who possessed a library of novels, scientific texts, and poetry all written in English. The brother, Uriah Theophilus had a neighbor Walter Jekyll who observed the passion of Claude McKay had when mimicking English poets and encourage him to start writing verses in Jamaican dialect. Having trained as army personnel in Kansas for the Kingston Police department, Claude McKay had the exposure and opportunity to make trips to different part of the world hence different moods in the context of his poems. The aim of this essay is to make the comparison between the Flower of Love and Jasmines poems written under the Harlem of Shadows collection during the Harlem Renaissance period. In doing the comparison, the poem will making an analysis of the context or setting that influenced the message in the poems, and the classification of the poems and how the title of the poems relate to what the speaker in the sonnet is trying to communicate. Further, I will look into who the speakers in the poems are, and the stylistic devices used for communication. The Context of the Poems The sonnets “Flower of Love” and “Jasmines” were written in the same period under the McKay’s “Harlem of Shadows” poem collections. The Harlem of Shadows period entailed the phase where McKay returns to America and expresses the adventures and experiences he got from his trips to London, and the

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