The Poetry Of Harlem And Women Have Loved Before As I Love Now

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“What happens to a dream deferred?” is the opening statement of Harlem that grabs the attention of everyone who is reading this phenomenal poem. Of the two poems listed in this essay, this opening statement is more attention-grabbing and is a fantastic hook to being with. Harlem and Women Have Loved Before As I Love Now, are ideally comparable and contrastable. The meanings of the poems and the authors of the poems are some topics that are different in these poems. The style of the poems and length of the poems are the other topics that are the same and are comparable to this subject. Altogether, these two pieces of literature are actually intriguing and somewhat interesting. Looking for the meanings of the poems is the greatest challenge when reading a poem written a long time ago. Misinterpreting the meaning can cause some bigger issues in the dialect or if you someone wanted to write an analysis on the poem. In Harlem, only eleven lines are written with such greater meaning to the sentences. For example, “like a raisin in the sun?” could mean that the raisin is already supposed to be dry, like our dreams are supposed to be settle. As for Women Have Loved Before As I Love Now, has fourteen lines that have a higher intellectual and deeper meaning to the sentences. Such as, “Do suffer love; in me alone survive” could mean that love makes people crazy and some people suffer when they are in love. The author was suffering and the author felt alone in the depression they

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