A Comparison Of Abraham Lincoln And Nathan Bedford Forrest

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There are times when the nation needs someone to be a hero and lead them to a better place. A hero does not necessarily have to have a supernatural power. The only thing that makes heroes heroic is their brave soul and mind. Abraham Lincoln and Nathan Bedford Forrest are also considered heroes in different ways. Nathan Bedford Forrest is a genius, a commander, and a successful businessman. Lincoln is also a genius, a commander, and a man who ended slavery. Both Abraham Lincoln and Nathan Bedford Forrest influenced people in different ways with different morality.

Abraham Lincoln and Nathan Bedford Forrest walked on a different career path, but still somewhat similar. They are a leader and also a role model for many people. Forrest was born in a small town of Chapel Hill in Tennessee. He was born into a very poor family with no education. All he learned when he was growing up as a child was hunting, tracking, and survival skills (“Forrest Biography,”,2016). Lincoln nevertheless was not any better. He was born and raised in a log cabin and also faced so many difficulties growing up. Lincoln’s brother died when he was very young, his mother also died from an illness, then his sister from a childbirth (Landis, 2015). Lincoln also suffered from depression many times throughout his life. Yet, these two men are indeed very encouraging to the people of America. Lincoln set his goal to change the country in a way anyone would have never tried. He had his goal to end slavery and

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