A Comparison Of Art In Wiggins's Of Mice And Men

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The project this group presented to the class would happen to be a Prezi presentation. The Prezi presentation was complete with descriptions and comparisons of not only characters, but also of style, technique, settings, themes, cultural influences, symbols, art based off of the novels, and some rabbit clip-art. The art ties into each novel in its own, specific ways. The first piece, which is untitled, shows white silhouettes of Lennie and George standing inside the black silhouette of a rabbit. This shows how their dream, of owning a rabbit farm, was bigger than the both of them, and that to do it, they would require help. Another piece, “Of Mice and Men” by Mick Wiggins, shows the close friendship between George and Lennie, and how for the longest time, it was really only the both of them on their travels together. Meanwhile, the final piece, “The Departure of the Joads” by Thomas Hart Bennon, shows the dreariness of the “Okies” situation, along with a symbol of hope for the future- shown by the light shining radiantly from beyond their vehicle. Many of Steinbeck's characters can be rather cruel, and downright mean to other characters if…show more content…
From his in-depth descriptions of characters and scenery to even how he focuses on internal conflict, and questionable moral choices and decisions, he shows a consistency in his writing and a signature patterns that hardcore fans of his work can pick out. One of the other techniques Steinbeck heavily enjoys is setting. Steinbeck uses in-depth descriptions of scenery in order to "set the scene". Almost whole chapters in "The Grapes of Wrath" are dedicated to setting the scene for the next chapter, proving just how much Steinbeck relied on these. From his descriptions of the dying land in "The Grapes of Wrath" to the peaceful "secret place" to the dream of "Of Mice and Men", Steinbeck knows how to use descriptive language to manipulate how a reader is
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