A Comparison Of James Baldwin And Ta-Nehisi Coatess

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James Baldwin and Ta-Nehisi Coates are both passionate writers writing to their family members about racism going on the United States. James Baldwin’s Fire Next Time is a letter to his nephew about how bad America is during that time period, how being black affects his life, and how the white people do not understand their wrong doing. Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me is a letter to his son about racial injustices in America, how the white people are not aware that they are doing wrong, and his personal dream. These two letters are similar in the message that they are trying to give to their relatives. However the letters are different because of their tones. Baldwin’s letter is sincere and calm while Ta-Nehisi Coates’s letter is more upfront and aggressive. I personally agree with Baldwin about how America can change for the better and in the right way. Baldwin’s and Coates’s letters are similar in the message they are trying to convey to their family members, different in their tones, and I agree with some of Baldwin’s statements. Baldwin and Coates are both teaching their kin that growing up in America is hard. In Baldwin’s letter, Baldwin talks to his nephew about how being born black can hurt you in the world. Baldwin states “You were born where you were born and faced the future that you faced because you were black and for no other reason” (Baldwin 18). At this time in America, being born black will make your life hard and will place certain restrictions

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