A Comparison Of Mein Kampf And White Man's Burden

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Throughout both Adolf Hitler’s political manifesto Mein Kampf and Rudyard Kipling’s political poem, White Man’s Burden, they both have a few similarities and differences. In addition, these similarities and differences might occur because of the context these individuals are writing. Mein Kampf was completed in 1925 when he was awaiting in a jail cell. During this time, World War I had just ended and the rise the “fascism” (an ideology that exalts the nation above the individual and calls for a centralized government with a dictatorial leader, economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition) was coming forth in Italy’s government. And at the same time, the government in Germany was crumbling, and even before the German economy was a disaster. This was created to help influence the Nazi Party and the intended audience being the “Aryan” race. Throughout his manifesto he discusses his childhood and how he was most certainly born to be a leader and a great leader at that. In the scheme of things, he portrays the fast that Aryans are the good and trusted people and Jews cannot on the other hand be trusted at all. And on the harsher side says that Jews should fall off the face of the earth.
On the other hand, White Man’s Burden is a political poem and was created in 1899, around the same time as Hilter’s manifesto. During this time it was the end of the Spanish American war. Industrial Revolution was going on and also colonization was occurring by most

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