A Comparison Of The Heroic Tale In The Hobbit

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Your typical heroic story is filled with adventure, archetypes, heroes, and quests. The Hobbit is no stranger to the things that go into a stereotypical heroic tale. The Hobbit might be an epic story but when compared with what usually goes into a heroic tale it seems to make it’s own twist on the rules. Although J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” fits the requirements of an epic story, it proves to be quite different compared to many other popular heroic tales. Bilbo’s call to adventure was strange compared to your typical heroic tale. He was met with a suspicious attitude from the dwarves vs. your typical heroic story where he’d be met with warmer gestures. He was chosen by Gandalf for the task of ‘The Burgle’ at complete random were typically in a heroic story he would have been somehow ‘special ‘. He was also less a hero to the dwarves and more of a servant. They acted like they didn’t really need him and even left him behind the morning after they first arrived. When he finally did catch up to them he was met with a friendly yet somewhat obligatory greeting from the dwarves. Even though Gandalf fits in the role of the mentor he is less a teacher and more a random wizard that comes around to get them out of trouble from time to time. He doesn’t teach them much of anything, and never really intended to do so. His sole propose in the book is more to himself and less to the dwarves although he does help them; he’s

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