A Comparison of Ozymandias by Percy Shelley and Suddan Hussain

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Compare and contrast Ozymandias and Saddam Hussein. The poem, written by Percy Shelley, Ozymandias is a Petrarchan sonnet compared to the second article labelled ‘Symbolic in more ways than one’ is actually a news article. This is shown through the piece as it contains a date ‘Thursday 10 April 2003', structure and content, the content is more modern so the audience know that when the subject is addressed, it will be serious rather than humorous. Ozymandias is a sonnet (a poem of 14 lines), although it doesn't have the same, simple rhyme scheme or punctuation that most sonnets have. Some lines are split by full stops and the rhyme is irregular at times. It is written in iambic pentameter, which Shakespeare used widely in his plays and…show more content…
This is done through a narrative perspective to put emphasis on time and how it weakens. The newspaper article however is retelling the true life events on what happened over there, to show the views of some people towards the Saddam Hussein's statue which they feel as it's really him. This is mixed with humour however, this shows how symbolic the statue was, but its more serious than the poem as it gives a detailed description of what happened rather than using loads of similes which could mix up the message they want to get across. Both pieces overall reveal what power has done to individuals, that even though they had it all, it will come to an end, no matter how hard they try to make a difference, then they will be mocked for it as they weren't supreme beings, they just had a very closed minded view of the world. The poem has a phrase near the end which says ‘Nothing besides remains’. This highlights the message of the poem, which is basically saying that this statue of 'Ozymandias' has no power and this is what remains of him. This shows that the writers view on power is that there is more power from the sculptor, as he is more recognised for his/her good craftsmen ship of the statue rather than the person it is based on, that after all of this time, the sculptor has more of an effect than Ozymandias has. Unlike the poem, the news article contains humour and is not as serious some times as the writings by Shelly, this is to show how stupid those

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