A Connection Between Power And Racism In Going To Meet The Man By James Baldwin

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James Baldwin: A Connection between Power and Racism There is a harsh reality of racism, no matter what some choose to believe. James Baldwin says, " when you try and stand up, and look the world in the face, like you had a right to be here, when you do that without knowing the result of it, you have attacked the entire power structure of the western world.(Blay,2017)" His writing is raw, honest and truthful ideas of topics that make people feel uncomfortable,such as Going to Meet the Man. A memorable yet disturbing short story that spoke volumes because, of the horror shown in human nature. But most importantly, this story's’ highlighted moment is the lynching , and this is where it is nearly jaw dropping to readers because of the graphic details Baldwin included. To begin, Going to Meet the Man was written in 1965, which is important considering it was a Civil Rights era . At first glance it seems there are no hidden messages; but, after reading a little deeper, there are possibilities. The description before the disfigurement of the black man through the lead character's eyes, Jesse, are : “ He saw the forehead, flat high, with a kind arrow of hair in the center, like he had, like his father had; they called it a widow’s peak; and the mangled eyebrows, the wide nose , the closed eyes, and the glinting eye lashes and the hanging lips, all streaming with blood and sweat” (Baldwin, “ Going to Meet the Man” 463). A widow’s peak is a detailed feature he uses of a

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