A Constitution Of Any Country Will Impact Politics And Society

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It is definite to say that the design of a constitution of any country will impact their politics and society. The impact that it has depends on say, whether that country has a democratic regime or an authoritarian regime and how the institutions that are stated in the constitution are organised for example the government, the legislature, the electoral system, the party system and so on and this piece of academic writing will demonstrate how.

A constitution can be written or unwritten. Written constitutions are entrenched, thus it is difficult to amend the constitution. For example after the gun incidents in America, some of society has urged the gun laws to be changed however they are still the same. An unwritten constitution in contrast is more flexible and can be changed if needed for example in the UK, gun laws have changed numerous times. A constitution also states the principles of a country, which everyone must accept and follow and it helps establish how that country is to be ruled or governed. A constitution is a necessity to a country because without one there would simply be chaos and anarchy. In addition, ‘as power tends to corrupt, we need to be protected from those in government, and this protection is provided by a constitution’ (Heywood, 2011a p.167).
One feature in the design of a country’s constitution is the organisation and relationship between the legislature and the executive. The two can have impacts on the country’s politics and society and the
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