A Consumer Love Affair

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Advertisers have increasingly pushed the limits of cultural acceptance in a competition to arouse the consumers’ attention. In the new H&M commercial that aired for Super Bowl XLVIII, David Beckham performs James Bond type maneuvers while wearing only his underwear. Clearly, this commercial content attempts to appeal to visual, emotional, and primal desires. Sex and the need to reproduce are intense desires that many advertisements use as a delivery platform for product sales. Actors and advertising models are depicted as objects of worship and often bear an unrealistic aesthetic perfection, only achieved by spray brushing and graphic alterations. Advertising spotlights the actor as the consumable product and equates happiness with purchases. Traditional values are being replaced with morally questionable behavior. The commercial for H&M showcases unrealistic body images to promote products, through appeals to human sexual desire, thereby degrading the value of intimacy. H&M wants consumers to feel pleasure when purchasing from them. The men will feel strong and attractive. The female consumers will associate H&M clothing with an attractive man. This is the sensation that John F. Schumaker points out in “The Happiness Conspiracy: What Does It Mean to Be Happy in a Modern Consumer Society,” when he casts a critical eye on popular culture’s calibration of happiness and contends it “mirrors the supreme value that consumer culture attaches to the romancing


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