A Creative Story : A Short Story

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The city was lit up by the twinkling of the bright stars that night in the dull, blue sky. Below the sky was the calm ocean of Miami Beach. The ocean was so still that night it was as if no sea animals lived down there. On the sand, sat a kid, named Marc, who just wanted to make something out of his life. Beside of him sat Crystal, who was in love with Marc, but did not know how to tell him. These two kids had been best friends since birth, and had grown up together living down the street from one another. Together they sat enjoying the cool ocean breeze, and pondering over their endless thoughts. “Marc, you need to hurry up! We leave for the beach in an hour, and you have not even started packing,” said Crystal, getting annoyed as Marc just sat in his messy room thinking about something. “You know I always do this. Now be quiet I have to think,” Marc replied trying to lower his voice as he saw a hurt look on Crystal’s face, but it quickly disappeared. Marc had his concentrated face on, so Crystal knew to just drop the subject. She continued to look at her best friend, and wonder how he did not know about her feelings. She knew he was oblivious to some things, but not this bad. As she looked at his forest green eyes and his chestnut, brown hair she knew that she had it bad for him. She had these feelings for him ever since they were fifteen years old, and here they are now at eighteen. Marc finally comes out of his thoughts, and finishes packing by just throwing

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