A Critical Evaluation Of The Role Of Public Policy Essay

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A critical evaluation of the role of public policy, strategies and initiatives in helping to address alcohol misuse within England

In the last 50 years the United Kingdom (UK) has gone from having one of the lowest alcohol consumption levels in Europe to being one of the few countries in Europe where alcohol consumption is actually increasing (Home Office, 2012). In response to this, in March 2012, the Government published its strategy for tackling alcohol misuse in the UK (Home Office, 2012). The WHO had, in 2010, produced a global strategy for tackling alcohol related harm and the Government’s strategy links back to several of the WHO recommendations for national action, for example, tackling pricing, advertising, and availability of alcohol (WHO, 2016). Public health interventions may be delivered at three different levels: structural level, local level, and individual level, and the Government strategy makes recommendations for each of these levels. At the structural level the Government recommends initiatives targeting pricing of alcohol, and its advertising, together with cooperative working with the alcohol industry to promote more responsible drinking. At the local level, more power is given to local authorities regarding provision of services as well as the licensing of premises, imposing restrictions on the sale of alcohol and a levy on late night trading premises; and at the individual level individuals will be encouraged to drink responsibly and provided with

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