A Culture That Violate Human Ethics For The Sake Of Profit

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“Jed,” she said, alcohol and drugs are a symptom of a culture that violate human ethics for the sake of profit.” “What has that to do with Vietnam,” I asked? “When you kill humans for profit, you are asking the soldier to kill at the expense of his own soul.” “What has my soul to do with it,” I asked? “Let’s not dodge the point,” she said, “If you continue on the way you’re going, you will become an alcoholic or an addict. What chance do their souls have to be pain free.” “I don’t think that how the world works.” “You’re already questioning whether you’re becoming an alcoholic or an addict. You even think you might be crazy.” “How do you know all this,” I asked? “I have dreams. You must know that to beat your condition you must mature, and that depends upon your spiritual growth. If you don’t beat it, you will live a miserable life like your father and uncle.” As I was thinking about her words, I heard the lead singer of Savoy Brown sing, “I ride with the moon, but I just can’t live without my needle and spoon.” My aunt’s words combined with the lyrics to the song by Savoy Brown blew my mind. I grabbed my pipe and my weed and went over to the window. Opening it, I smoked a bowl. I don’t know why I became angry at this point, but I wanted to hit someone. The first person I thought about hitting was my aunt. How dare she question me like she did?
I would have slugged her if she had been in my room. I began pacing the floor. My anger had no release. I wanted to

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