A Curriculum For All K 12 Grades

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Chapter 74, Subchapter A discusses the required curriculum for all K-12 grades in Texas. Sections 74.1-74.4 are included in Subchapter A. Section 74.1 of the Texas Administrative Code discusses the components that are essential to instructional learning. These components are to make up what is known to be the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). TEKS states that all districts must offer a foundation curriculum to include language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. The social studies is to include classes such as U.S. and World History, government, geography and economics. It also states that enrichments curriculum must be completed too included courses such as physical education, foreign languages, health (not required by state, but many districts still require it), career and technology and fine arts. This section of the code also informs of the requirements of each TEKS in each particular grade level. This administrative code allows districts to require more to the curriculum while restricting the removal of any of the foundation and enrichment curriculum requirements. Section 74.2 lays out the requirements of elementary curriculum by requiring districts with kindergarten through fifth grade to provide the TEKS in section 74.1, to support teachers by providing enough time for them to teach the TEKS and for the student to receive or learn the TEKS provided in English, reading, mathematics, social studies, science and the enrichments curriculum as
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