A Day At The Lake-Personal Narrative

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It was pitch black outside. Luckily, we all brought our flashlights. We had gone into the woods for a walk and lost where our tents were. It took us more than an hour to get back to camp. Once we got back we all collapsed in our beds and fell asleep. The next morning we woke up. “What’s for breakfast?” I asked. “Pancakes,” replied Jackson.
“And bacon,” yelled Nick
“Yes,” I said
After breakfast, the 5 of us headed toward the lake.
“What are we going to do at the lake?” asked Sammy
“Whatever,” I replied
“I’m going fishing,” exclaimed Derrik
Once we got down there, Derrik started to fish, Jackson and I layed on the ground and stared at the sky trying to think of what to do, and Nick and Sammy went swimming for a while. Once Jackson and I finally thought of something to do, it started raining. We had to go back to the camper because there was nothing we could do while it was raining. We played games, watched T.V and waited out the rain. It seemed like it had been raining forever.
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“I don’t think it will any time soon,” responded Sammy
“Well why don’t we eat dinner and hope it stops before we’re done so we can have s’mores for dessert,” Derrik said hopefully.
“That sound like a good Idea,” announced Nick.
“Fine with me,” Jackson said.
So we ate dinner and it stopped raining just before we finished. We did have s’mores for dinner, but everything was too wet outside so we had to make them in the microwave. After dinner we watched some more T.V and then went to bed. That’s when everything went down.
“Bang, bang, bang,” something was banging on the door. We all woke up, well everyone except for Jackson. He must be a pretty sound sleeper.
“Jackson wake up!” We started yelling his name to try to wake him up. He finally woke up after getting yelled at for fifteen minutes.
“Bang, bang, bang,” Whatever was banging on the door was very persistent.
“What’s going on?” Jackson asked
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