A Day In The Life Of Gulliver Rhetorical Devices

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Petty, vindictive, cruel, ill-informed, egotistical, these are just a few words that come to mind when describing the Lilliputians attitude in their “massive” world. At the beginning of the story the capturing of the “mountain man” is understandable due to his enormity and their incomprehension on the situation. However, their ridicule of Gulliver and “enslavement” of him, forcing him to do what they want in order for him to get his freedom, is completely inhumane despite his benefits to their society. The irony of the situation is that he can leave and overpower their whole community at any time, but Gulliver is a good person and is abiding to the rules imposed upon him by the people of Lilliput. Swift chooses to portray Lilliputians in an extremely negative light and at the end of the story they have not changed for the better, but have become even more petty, vindictive, and cruel. …show more content…

However, a once protective measure turned into an abuse of power when the Lilliputians realized Gulliver could benefit society in ways they could never have imagined. This is an act of enslavement by the Lilliputians as once they realized Gulliver wasn’t a threat they should have let him go and make his own decisions… but they didn’t. Instead they negotiated obscure contracts that made Gulliver a victim of enslavement to this small world. Not only was he a slave to the Lilliputians, but also to himself and his morals, as he could have easily destroyed the world and left at any time, but instead chose to

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