A Debate On Owning A Gun

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Owning a Gun Owning a gun is a highly debated topic in America. There are citizens who believe that only law enforcement and military should own guns. However, other Americans believe that guns are a constitutional right to own arms. Important questions in this debate include: why do Americans own guns, should firearms be allowed to hunt, is the second amendment still important today, and owning a gun is dangerous to people, so why get one? Americans should own guns. If not, the repercussions of unarmed citizens would be devastating to the freedoms of the United States. All of these questions asked are an integral part of the gun debate that has been a part of the American culture since the founding. Yet, guns are necessary tools to …show more content…

American citizens owning guns help keep their liberties from being taken away from them by an intrusive government. Another reason for owning a gun, as an American citizen, is the bonding as a family while hunting. Hunting is a way for families to get away from the stresses of life and electricity, and back to nature. Firearms are an important part of hunting. There are several positive reasons for hunting.. Hunting has been a traditional source of food for humans since the beginning of man. Hunting also provides skins for cloths and leathers that colder regions use to keep warm or for trade. Big game animals can yield enough meat to last a family for months. Many contemporary families use hunting as a way to visit nature and spend time with one another. Entire families vacation and go hunting to get away from the stresses of urban life. Along with family bonding, another positive of hunting with guns is the revenue generated from issued hunting licenses. A hunting license is sold to a hunter before they can go out to hunt. The state and the city both make money from licenses and game tags. Hunting and fishing, according to North Carolina’s Wildlife Commission yields, “$3.3 Billion positive impact TO N.C. Economy, $2.4 Billion - Fishing and hunting, 335,000 Hunters, 1,525,000 Anglers, $930 Million - Wildlife watching and 2.4 Million Wildlife watchers” (Heinonen). The findings of the North Carolina Wildlife Commission

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