A Deeper Analysis On The Aspect Of Race As Local Color

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A Deeper Analysis on the Aspect of Race as Local Color: Jim Crow Laws
Imagine you are a person of color in the early to mid 1900’s. You the mother of three young children. Despite your best intentions, your children are forced to grow up in poverty. When you direct them out of the house to go to school, they see the all the white boys and girls walking toward one school and all of the black boys and girls walking to another. Imagine being asked by your children why they don’t go to school with the other boys and girls and not being able to tell them that its because of the aspect of racism during the era. After you drop them off to school, you go to work so that you can provide for your family. You work long hours with unfair wages and worst of all, the white administration abuses you and your co-workers. During the “Jim Crow Era,” people of color were treated in a way that no human should be treated. Jim Crow laws, the negative underlying feelings toward the black race, and the obvious concept of “white superiority” all appear as local color elements in the novel A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines. Many characters, specifically Jefferson, and his students, and Grant Wiggins, undergo the oppression of the “Jim Crow Era.” Throughout Gaines’ novel, aspects of Jim Crow Laws are an integral aspect of society; especially the society’s lifestyle and people, specifically Jefferson and Grant Wiggins. A large aspect of the Jim Crow Laws was that of the negative, unspoken…
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