A Description Of Fatherhood : The Father Of My Father

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Fatherhood is an area I will never comprehend but when fathers receive recognition my father was worthy. His birthplace is not fully known and neither is the name of his father. His mother is said to be someone I am completely uncertain of. However, I had the pleasure of enjoying his adoptive mother and her husband. Much of what I thought I knew I did not know and he did a great job of keeping this information from me for likely good and personal reasons. Towards the end of his life matters began to unravel. In December of 1996, several months after having surgery, I went to give my dad his Christmas gifts. He had not been answering his phone for some time. Although I had become accustomed to this for some years before my surgery, this time was odd. Previously, my father was involved with someone who had a visible addiction. There were years where I rarely spoke with him for long periods. But this time I wondered why he suddenly became silent again. So I went in person and noticed he answered the door but did not invite me in. He barely cracked the door which was quite unusual. I never experienced this before because I had a key and could have gone inside but decided instead to ring the doorbell. I noticed he was coughing and appeared quite ill and frail. Within a few days, I returned and discovered my father was basically in need of emergency medical attention. While he initially resisted, I phoned the ambulance and he went willingly. During the emergency room wait for a
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