A Description Of New England And Christopher Columbus 's The First Voyage

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When thinking of the American Dream the first thought that comes to my mind is, “all the different opportunities people have to choose from.” People were crossing the Atlantic to come to the new world in search of different things. Some came for the opportunity of riches, others came to experience a new way of living, a better, more free lifestyle. In John Smith’s, “A Description of New England” and Christopher Columbus’s, “Letter to Santangel Regarding the First Voyage” both give in great detail, the opportunities this new land offers. For people wanting to make money, John writes, “If a man work but three days in seven, he may get more than he can spend, unless he will be excessive” (Smith 71). This one line could instantly grab the attention of several people. During this period, life in England was not the easiest or most luxurious type of lifestyle. So any sign of a better, richer lifestyle would entertain anyone. Smith is telling the working class they could work less and get paid more. John also wrote to families and individuals who wanted a better outlook on life and enjoy their days on earth. In John’s description, he tells people, “What pleasure can be more, than to recreate themselves before their own doors, in their own boats upon the sea; where man, woman, and child, with a small hook and line, by angling, may take diverse sorts of excellent fish at their pleasure” (page 71)? With so many people in England, food at times could be in shortage. The

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