A Description of the History of the NFL Essay

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The History of the NFL

The NFL has become the most popular sport in the United States. It is watched my millions every weekend. The NFL is only growing in popularity. With new fans joining the fun every day. The NFL has faced its share of problems too. With concussions scaring away many future players, the NFL is hoping to lower the possibility of concussions in the future. Each NFL team plays a total of 16 games over a span of 17 weeks. There are two conferences in the NFL, the AFC and the NFC. There are four divisions in each conference, each with 4 teams. The playoff teams are decided by the division rankings. The winner of each division makes the playoffs, with the two best 2nd place teams making it in as a wild card.

The NFL made its debut in 1922, but it was not the first professional football league. The American Professional Football Association was founded in 1920, it included ten teams from four different states. The APFA started out as the American Professional Football Conference. It originally consisted of only Ohio League teams. A month later, the league renamed itself to the American Professional Football Association and added the Buffalo All-Stars and the Rochester Jeffersons from the New York league, and the Detroit Heralds, Hammond Pros, and several other teams from surrounding local leagues. The rest of the leagues teams are as follows, the Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Chicago Cardinals, Chicago Tigers, Cleveland Tigers, Columbus Panhandles, Dayton…

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