A Documentary On Debris Flow

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In geology, it would be known as a debris flow. Debris flows amass in stream valleys and more or less resemble fresh concrete. They consist of water mixed with a good deal of solid material, most of which is about sand size. Some of it is Chevrolet size. Boulders bigger than cars ride very long distances in debris flows. Boulders grouped like fish eggs pour quickly downhill in debris flows. The dark material coming toward the Genofiles was not only full of boulders it was like bread dough mixed with raisins. On its way down pine cone road, it plucked up cars from driveways and the street. When it crashed into the Genofiles’ house, the shattering of safety glass made terrific explosive sounds. A door opened, to 19 year old Johnny Senum’s …show more content…

Doors shook plates clattered, was the landslide already upon them? He looked over to where his mother had been sitting and noticed she had gotten up and started jogging to the car. Fortunately, that is what caused all the shaking. They still had time to get away. As soon as they had gotten in the car lots of questions began to arise. Would the house be ok? Would the debris flow even reach them? Where was dad? What direction should they go? Johnny decided to wing it and follow the traffic because he assumed everyone knew where they were going. As Johnny is driving he sees his nemesis’s car in the distance as well as the mammoth debris flow. Suddenly, a crack formed in the road and popped their front tires. “What are we gonna do?!?” yelled jenny. “Something I thought I would never have to do, ask my nemesis for help,” Johnny said angrily. They got out of the car not knowing if they would survive. They hoped Johnny’s nemesis would be kind enough to spare them. At first, it seemed as if Johnny’s nemesis would speed by them but at the last second he stopped and yelled, “get in already!” When they got into the car, Jenny instantly noticed that Johnny and his so called nemesis looked almost exactly alike, except the nemesis dressed a lot better. She also noticed that Samantha was making the car lopsided because of her fat. “Wait a second, who is your nemesis?” Jenny

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