A Example Of Movement Observation

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Movement Observation
Movement One: On a sunny, warm day this past week, I sat in Rittenhouse Square and observed a little girl and her mom go up to a stranger’s dog and pet it.
Person A: A young, girl probably around the age of 3 or 4 years old.
“Careful, we ask before we approach the dog” called out the mother to her exuberant, mobile child. As soon as the little girl noticed the dog, she ran up to the dog. She traveled in the sagittal plane and her effort consisted of Free Flow, Direct, and Quickness. The Flow of her movement was uncontrollable and expansive. It was as though she had a difficulty to stop as she raced up to the dog. Her Space Effort in her body was intentional, pinpointed as she knew exactly where she was traveling towards. There was a Quickness to her movement as she rushed up to the dog and reached out her arm to pet it. Once she approached the dog, and the owner said she was okay to pet it, the girl used Directional Spoke Like movement as she reached out her arm to pet the dog. Her kinesphere placement was Forward Middle since the dog was about the same size as her. I noticed a change in the Weight Effort of the little girl to Light. As she gently patted the dogs head, but there was still a Quickness to her movement as she was using a fine touch that was also rushed. At moments, her Shape changed to a Carving movement as she encompassed the dog in a hug. The little girl was in awe of the dog and curious about what it felt like. This was clearly reflected

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