What Are Some Inheritable Traits Passed On To Offspring From Parents?

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My lesson was highly effective in meeting my instructional outcomes. The objective was read by a student at the beginning of class, as it always is. Today’s lesson objective was “Today we will participate in a small and large group Socratic so we can provide reasoning for or against using genetic technology for genetic engineering on humans, Wooly Mammoth, rice and/or mosquitos.” We know we have it when we are able to fill out the Exit Ticket which involved critiquing our peers”. This was the final product for the 8th grade first project. The students participated in a Socratic Discussion using the research of their chosen topic on genetically modified organisms. They had to write down 3 arguments for and 3 arguments against genetically modifying their organism before the Socratic discussion. They also prepared notes on their chromebook that they could use during the seminar if they felt they needed to refer back to them. Following up to this lesson, I have shown examples of a good Socratic seminar utilizing a video from YouTube. This gave the students' a clear perspective on the expectations set for them. The “Do Now” “What are some inheritable traits passed on to offspring from parents?” was to stimulate thinking and elicit enthusiasm. They knew a lot of the inherited traits such as eye color, dimples, hair color, earlobes, widow's peak and rolling of the tongue. I then moved into a review on dominant and recessive traits. I asked the students “If you have a

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