A Fall Before Rising - Jai Jaikumar Essay

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A Fall Before Rising by Jai Jaikumar is about a mountain climbing trip with Jai and his friend. They were suppose to turnaround and head back to high camp due to safety considerations but decided to continue climbing since they were not tired and they were also experienced. After reaching the mountain summit they began their descent - the cornice fell through, resulting in Jai and his companion to be separated on the other side of the slope. Jai fell on the snow in the Himalayas at close to 24,000 feet, and of the consequent 60-mile-per-hour ride down part of the side of the mountain losing nearly 3000 feet in altitude, and then a 24-hour trek through snow and ice apparently on a broken hip until he fell into the arms of a peasant woman …show more content…

The moral aspect of this story is that of the shepherd woman who selflessly took up the fate of another individual as her personal responsibility. She realized that she had to help this stranger because she had the ability to do so. The woman refused to leave a stranger (Jai) until his journey was secured and then she refused Jai’s offer of payment for her kindness and generosity. This deed was done based on her obvious personal ethical values which proved to be moral.
The stakeholders are anyone who was affected by the decisions that were made, in this case Jai and his companion were the extreme stake holders and consequently it trickled down to a shepherd woman and eventually several others. Jai was affected most since all the decisions made affected him directly throughout the story. The shepherd woman, the village officials, and the physician were also affected and therefore can be considered stakeholders. The assumptions of Jai and his companion were that since they were both healthy and experienced at climbing despite their youth, when the 1 p.m. turn around time came, the decision to press on had been easy to make, which was to continue on since the prospects of doing it another day held little appeal to both men. Their assumptions did affect the problem above, since they should

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