A Family Has Altered By Coontz, A Professor Of History

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In this chapter of, Families as they really are, Coontz, a professor of history, asserts the theme of how as time went on the definition of a family has altered. Coontz begins this chapter by showing how every area in the world has a different definition of what is a family. Specifically, in the United States, the definition of a family has altered from the early colonial times to today. She explains the differences of the how every race has a different meaning for families. According to Coontz, originally a family could be considered anybody within the kin. Also, people in the early days did not marry because of love. People got married because of social and financial benefits. Another point that was emphasized by Coontz, was how originally there was not formalities for a marriage. A marriage was just two people that are close to each other. However, as time went on documentation was given out of a valid marriage. Coontz, goes on to state how in the 1950s all of this started to change. Families started to live together, the husband and wife got married because they both love each other. This was the time period where the nuclear family started to be the ideal family of a husband being the breadwinner, and the wife as a stay at home mother, and two children going to school. Coontz, concludes with how the definition and perspective of a family has changed over time, and will keep on changing.
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