A Game Of Balls And Bats

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Similar Sports This is a game of balls and bats played by two teams, each consisting of nine players. The object is to score runs by hitting a fair ball with the bat. The field is a diamond shape with bases in each corner with an order of first, second, third, and home. After the ball is hit, the runner runs counterclockwise around the bases. When a batter gets to home plate, a point is scored. The batter waits at home plate to receive a pitch from the opposing team’s pitcher. The pitcher is set up equally in the middle of all four bases. There is an outer field on the opposite side of home plate where the ball can also be hit to. Each defensive player has a position in the field. The batter gets three chances to make contact with a good pitch. For each good pitch missed, the batter receives a strike. For every pitch that is not good, or outside the strike zone, the batter receives a ball. If the batter gets three strikes it counts as an out. If a batter receives four balls they are allowed to proceed or walk to first. When a ball is hit foul, it will result as a strike, though a batter cannot receive a third strike from a foul ball. When the ball is hit, the fielders are expected to get the ball and throw it to the closest base of which a runner is heading to. If the ball is caught in the air by the fielders, the runner is called out. There are three outs per inning, then the teams switch sides. If a pitch is hit over the outfield fence it results in a homerun and the

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