A Good President Good Or Bad Analysis

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Introduction In order to evaluate whether a president was good or bad, one must first decide what constitutes a good president and a bad president. To me, a good president is one who does more good than bad and is morally more good than bad. A good president leads for the people while a bad president leads for his own benefit and the interests of his benefactors. A good president is honest, benevolent, and dedicated to the well-being of all people, but a bad president is deceitful, greedy, and dedicated to the well-being of only himself and his allies. However, most presidents are neither good nor bad, but somewhere in between. To discover whether a president how good or bad a president is, one must focus on all of his or her actions, not just …show more content…

In 1975, the Civil Service Commission nullified the discrimination of this order by allowing the employment of homosexual workers on a case by case basis. In 1954, the Eisenhower Administration began to implement an immigration policy known as Operation Wetback, which created deportation teams to round up illegal immigrants and forcefully return them to Mexico. Over 1 million immigrants were deported to Mexico, but many of them were left stranded after arriving, far from their homes and families. Not only was Operation Wetback inhumane, it was also ineffective because although many immigrants were removed from the country, thousands of them returned only to be deported again. These immigrants were returning to the United States because American growers continued to hire them rather than American citizens, a problem that was not dealt with by the Eisenhower Administration. Throughout his presidency, Eisenhower was deeply involved in foreign affairs. Although he had many accomplishments in that matter, some of his international actions were not good. In 1953, the CIA, with approval from Eisenhower and the cooperation of the British MI6, staged a ¬coup in Iran over petroleum supplies and dishonest claims of communist threats, leaving the country under the rule of a monarch. Only a year later, the Eisenhower administration authorized a another CIA coup, this time in Guatemala, to remove the democratically elected President Árbenz and replace him with a dictator for the purpose of protecting the interests of the American corporation known as the United Fruit Company. Another case of failed covert operations under the Eisenhower Presidency occurred on May 1st, 1960 when an American spy plane was shot down by the Soviet Union. The Eisenhower administration lied

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