A Great Debate Among The Christian And Biblical Society Essay

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A great debate among the christian and biblical society is the nature of homosexuality. Many believe that it in all aspects in clearly sinful and will be condemned. My generation of millennials tends to believe that homosexuality is not a choice of the person but a affliction at birth just as much as heterosexuality is. That said with all the new discoveries about sexuality and sexual orientation being brought into the light so recently many are baffled on how to take in all this new information in the light of the scriptures. Unfortunately many would rather look at these biblical text straightforward and dilute all this new information and opportunity as sinful. Though when we take moment to really analyze scripture we learn that the bible does not hate or condemn homosexuality but mark all sin as equal. Homosexuality within the bible is often grouped with other sin but that does not make this one sin so much worse than the other. The bible mentions plenty of times that to trust in christ and to love one another is to follow God. Therefore we can not blindly assume that all homosexual people are going to hell for the ways their body is prewired to love. We can not assume homosexuality is completely against the church’s ways for the church is complied of sinners seeking the light. There is no difference between heterosexual sinner and homosexual sinner for they are both seen as good and have the capacity for Jesus to guide their life. Throughout that lens I will try to

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