A Hanging By George Orwell Essay

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Student: FAN Dongfei (Burt) Course: SACE EAL Stage 1
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Essay Review, Written (600 words)
“A Hanging”
By George Orwell

Hanging is a kind of suspension for some flagitious prisoners; it is also one of the cruelest punishments in the world. The author was born in a lower-upper-middle class in 1903 in India. Afterwards, he served in Burma as a police. George Orwell was different from other peers; he witnessed the contradiction between the colonizer and colonized, and sympathize the weak group. This essay, A Hanging, represent the truth in the deep human being and heart through the character’s actions and appearance’s descriptions in an execution.
Hanging is one of capital punishments, and also the main point in the essay. Before the execution, the environment description vividly draws the sight of the prison’s morning and also is the steppingstone for the execution. The appearance description depicts the condemned man’s mind which was nervous and indifferent. The execution brought the grey to the whole prison. As essay wrote, the execution just a small episode in their daily life, so it is hard to image what kind of heart did they have and how numb did they conduct such job. What does the capital
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The dog and the puddle are just the turning points in the essay, and the dog also symbolized the equality of human being. As the execution went on, it suddenly appeared in the crowds and skipped around everyone even the condemned man. The dog was kind to every people and was not afraid anything. It shows readers the deepest emotion of a human, people at beginning of goodness. The second, puddle, the condemned man avoided stepping on the puddles even he knew he would die soon which represent the truth; every life on the world is alive and should be respect as a true life but not goods which could be abandoned easily. No one has the ability to take any human being’s
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