A Hero As A Hero In 1984 By George Orwell

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Will Roan Period 8 12/7/17 Ms. LynLicalsi In the novel 1984 Winston Smith is undoubtedly a failure. Winston exhibits attributes that would lead one into believing that he in fact, is a hero. Winston attempted to rebel against society and over through the party. Winston nearly achieves hero status and as a result, his failure is substantially more devastating. George Orwell created Winston as a failure so that Winston could operate as a warning to others that the world is headed in a negative direction. A hero is one who succeeds in conquering an arduous set of circumstances through determination and selflessness. Throughout the novel, Winston maintained heroic qualities that would lead one to believe he would emerge triumphant against the party. Winston rebelled against society and attempted to be the change that he wished to see in the world. Winston knew that the party was spreading lies and he wished to bring about justice for himself and the proles. When a hero succeeds he reinforces a concept, such as standing up for one’s beliefs. When a heroic person is defeated, the force that has beaten them is the ultimate power. Winston comes quite close to fulfilling heroic circumstances; however, there is one defining characteristic that he cannot overcome. Winston failed to overcome the party. Heroes may waver or make mistakes, however, they ultimately cannot fail. Winston failed in action, thought, and belief against the party. The first and foremost way in which Winston

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