Who Is The Character Of Saboteur

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In the novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, King Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu are in authority in France, each struggling to gain absolute power. As a result conflicts emerge that will lead to the progress of France. France was constantly in external conflicts with England and in internal conflicts with the Huguenots that provoked war against the Catholics and even the King, but never against the Cardinal (Dumas, 1). Queen Anne’s romance to the Duke of Buckingham, who at the time was an enemy of France, was not unknown to the Cardinal, like nothing else that escaped him from knowing it. The story’s protagonist, D’Artagnan faces the most dangerous spy of the Cardinal, Lady de Winter. This lady is the one entrusted with the …show more content…

The most public party was the royalists, consisting of those who favored the king in rule and most importantly the company of the king’s musketeers. The other was the Cardinalists which consisted of those who supported Cardinal Richelieu, the Cardinal’s guardsmen and his spies that covered every part of the land. The king was only a figurehead during his early reign. The Cardinal was one of the most powerful diplomats of his time. He is viewed more powerful than any other figure including King Louis XIII himself. “Musketeers, who belong to the king and nobody but the king, are the natural enemies of the Guardsmen, who belong to the cardinal." (Dumas, 72) The rivalry is also expressed between the Musketeers and the Cardinals guardsmen in their constant fights and hatred between the two groups. As this conflict develops, the Cardinal gains more authority and the power of the king gradually decrease even though the musketeers defeat the guardsmen. Instead of the king having absolute control the Cardinal takes that favor.

“The Siege of La Rochelle was one of the great political events of the reign of Louis XIII, and one of the great military enterprises of the Cardinal” (Dumas, 420). This was a battle or more of a war between France and England. The Ruler of the English military was Duke of Buckingham, who ruled England the same way that the Cardinal ruled France, and military strategist of

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