A History Of The English Church And People

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When Bede was writing 'A History of the English Church and People ' the conflicts between Christians and pagans were still not long a ago and Christianity was not yet as dominant in England as it would be in the future. Therefore, the memories of these conflicts were still fresh within some people 's minds and Bede made sure to record it. Bede wrote the history of past events of Christianity 's struggles, the great men that protected it and enforced it. He wrote so that Christians would have an example on how to act in order to achieve greatness, how to avoid sin and how to strengthen Christianity and the Church itself in England. Bede thought that greatness is achieved only in one way and that was being a good, devout Christian. He used the history of King Oswald 's life as an example of what it meant to be great and what are the rewards for achieving greatness. He wished everyone who read his history to follow in Oswald 's footsteps as he continuously mention in his written work 'history records good things of good men, the thoughtful hearer is encouraged to imitate what is good '. He gives many examples of Oswald 's deeds as a devout Christian, but his number one achievement was bringing the faith to the lands of Bernicia. He came to Bernicia to fight heathen kings while at the same time showing a great trust in God, as before the battle he set up a holy cross and made everyone in his army pray before upcoming battles. 'it seems that there was no evidence of the

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