A History of the World in Sex Glasses Essay

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A History of the World in Six Glasses: Summary
The discovery of beer happened around 10000 BCE. The hunter-gatherers, located in the Fertile Crescent, collected cereal grains because they could be stored for a number of months if kept dry and safe. The storage of grains made it harder to have a nomadic lifestyle; therefore the people started staying in one place. They would try to make water tight storage areas, however water did eventually get into them. After the grain would get wet and the people would cook it, it turned into gruel and when that was left sitting around for a few days it would turn into beer. Beer became important because it was safer to drink, due to the fact that you cooked it which got rid of bacteria. In the
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6. Beers relationship with writing is that some of the first records are receipts for the selling of beer. The cuneiform symbol for beer had changed over the years to become more abstract. Beers relationship with commerce is that it was used as a currency. When laborers were being paid in both Mesopotamia and Egypt they were given a certain amount of bread and beer depending on the job. This ties in with writing due to the fact that the people kept records of the amount that they were paid. Beer was actually healthy due to the fact that it wouldn’t be completely fermented, therefore it would contain yeast that provided nutrients and vitamins. The Egyptians believed that it could be used with other ingredients to cure illnesses like indigestion and constipation. It was also used as a sedative.
Wine, known as the beer of the mountains was first produced during the Neolithic period between 9000 and 4000 BCE. There were two factors in the Zagros Mountains that made the production of wine possible; an abundance of the Eurasian grape vine, Vitis vinifera sylvestris, and cereal crops. Grapes contain natural yeast that will convert the sugars in the juice to alcohol; that way when people started to store grapes they would eventually turn into wine. The earliest evidence of wine came from a jar from the village Hajji Firuz Tepe and dated back to 5400 BCE. Wine became important because it was a main part of religion, medicine, commerce, and became a
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