A Journey Of Freedom By Olaudah Equiano Essay

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A Journey to Freedom
Olaudah Equiano, The Interesting Narrative depicts one man’s journey of being enslaved to finally obtaining his freedom. The autobiography begins with narrator transporting the reader back to his early youth. Equiano provides a very detailed description of his village life in Eboe, Africa. However, Equiano life and freedom is quickly taken from him, as he is snatched and thrust into the chains of slavery. Along Equiano enslavement he experiences religion, theories of the enlightenment and the brutally of slavery before he is finally able to obtain his freedom. Equiano experiences through enslavement led to his enlighten optimism and his evangelic pessimism. The controversy surrounding the historiographical authenticity of Equiano narrative depict experience of slavery can be linked to fictitious authorship found within the eighteenth century.
The Enlightenment era was truly an age that was profoundly influenced by seventeenth century philosophers such as Newton, Locke, and Descartes. It was considered the age of education, progressiveness, equality, freedom, liberation, and social changes that would venture into the eighteenth century. Within Equiano’s narrative there is an ever present theme of freedom, equality, and liberation. Equiano enslavement was indeed very traumatic as a youth yet as a result it left him very optimistic, a belief he will one day obtain his freedom. He truly does not except the notion of his enslavement for life. It is toward the
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