Summary Of ' The Slave Trade '

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Brutalization of the Slave Trade In the 1600’s, Slavery played a significant role in European history. The negative aspects that made up the dark times in history are, mainly centered on the brutalizing effects of the enslaved people, which can be best explained by the destroyed family bonds, history of the enslaved people erased, and unjust treatment of the slaves. In Olaudah Equiano’s life there were three ways a person became a slave. Either by one 's tribe losing a battle against another, and being forced to serve them, committing a horrendous crime, or being abducted by kidnappers, and purely sold for weaponry or money. Equiano’s journey through his life as a slave, started as just that, by being kidnapped. At a young age Equiano …show more content…

Their dancing was organized into four groups of people from the village, and individual group would “represent some interesting scene of real life, such a great achievement, domestic employment, a pathetic story, or some rural sport” (Equiano, 34). For that reason, provided more variety to the dances. In addition, instruments were also used to give the ritual a new liveliness. For example, musical instruments like drums, guitars, and xylophones were greatly played. Furthermore, Equiano found a commonality with the European customs. For instance, both valued somewhat similar religions, cleanliness, and unbroken family structures. All of the important and sacred values and traditions of these people were obliterated when they became slaves. As soon as the stepped onto the boats, they were immediately given a new identity. Throughout, Equiano’s life he obtained many names from Jacob, when he worked in Virginia, Michael, when he was aboard the African vessel, and Gustavus Vassa, during his time with his master, Michael Henry Pascal. By the changing names, slaveowners could directly reinforce to the slaves that they were property. Nonetheless, despite a shared commonality with the Europeans, and his courageous and moral brethren along countless others, were dehumanized by the Europeans through the treatment of the slaves.
One of Equiano’s main reasons for his adamant pressure to abolish slavery involved the brutality

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