A Journey Through Auschwitz Concentration Camp in If This Is a Man by Primo Levi

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If This Is a Man by Primo Levi is a story about his personal experience of the journey through Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Right from the very first trip to the unknown destination, to the point of near death, Primo’s life was a constant battle between life and death. Throughout the book, Primo portrays his walk through living hell in a way that is both powerful and painful.
The cover of the book displays a black and white picture of three bald men, one of which is Primo, all in the striped clothes that bore the title of “prisoner.” The black and white could represent their lives in the sense that its either death or mere survival, never anything grey, never anything good. Their faces are blank, as they would be throughout their entire time in Auschwitz. Scarcely enduring experiments, starvation, maltreatment and neglect, what other emotion but surrender would be painted across their face? The only colour used is a dull mustard colour, which I believe is quite effective in that it poses various ideas for the reader, including those such as the colour representing either the Jews, Nazi German’s, or the horrific ideas which they were forced to think. The fonts of the title and the name of the author also hold a lot of purpose. The font used for the title shows a lot of resemblance to the print of the tattoos that were placed on the prisoners that were registered into the concentration camps. It’s also noticeable that the print is washed out, which could be related to

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